Sandwich Crazy

For the truly crazy, we have created a sandwich shop with apparel, accessories and other odd things that probably shouldn't feature sandwiches (yet we couldn't resist). Show of your inner sandwich, and let us know which sandwich you would like to see on a t-shirt...

Amazing Sandwich Shop
Welcome to our sandwich blog. We have a love for everything sandwich and a very loose definition of sandwiches that includes almost anything with bread and stuff. This could be pizza's, appetizers with crackers, breads, etc. On occasion you might find us writing a food review, but since we are pretty busy making sandwiches we rarely bother going out for one. The food recipes are mostly our own, and we hope they are easy to follow. We want to hear back from you, we want to know how you like the photo's, suggestions for new ingredients or sandwiches, and if you make any of these, how were they? But if all we do is inspiring you, or even making you hungry, we think we've succeeded.
Enjoy. Anders & Wendie
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